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One Hit (Hot Salt, 1 gram)

One Hit (Hot Salt, 1 gram)

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Three Kings - Hot Salt - 1 gram (.035oz)

Small batch, hot salt. Coarse sea salt infused with Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper pepper.

Presented in a capped glass vial affixed to a sample card for easy identification of the contents. Use it on anything and everything. It's a great way to taste the salt, and share with friends.

The coarse sea salts we use are natural unprocessed sea-salts made by solar evaporation of brine and are not iodized.  They are refined by washing with clean saturated salt brine to remove surface impurities, drained of excess moisture, dried, and screened to size.

Flavor notes: Savory, moderate heat that builds as each of the Three Kings (Ghost, Reaper, and Scorpion) peppers traverse the palette. Enjoy!  

Three Kings Hot Salt is available in 3 coarseness levels:

  • Powder -actually pretty grainy compared to table salt

  • Crystal (coarse) which is coarser than typical kosher coarse salts

  • Rock, which is significantly chunkier than standard coarse salts.

We use Crystal (coarse) in our grinders.

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Our Three Kings Hot Salt enhances flavors and delights the palette with mouthwatering, savory heat that builds without overpowering. Hot salt will elevate your recipes, and enjoyment to new highs. It's #ffaddictive.