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Firecracker Farm

Pineapple Express T

Pineapple Express T

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What's this? A badass T you want. 

Pineapple Express is fun, explosive and DGAF. 

Just like our Firecracker Farm "Alex's Uniform" T, everyone looks stronger, more attractive, younger, richer and happier in this shirt. You'll feel great too.

Plus, when they compliment you on your shirt and ask "What's Pineapple Express?" you can whip out your push grinder, give them a taste and you'll have a friend for life. Or you can give them a scary grimace, side eye scowl and say, "I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you." 

Here is the catch:

Only buy one of these if you can not wait for us to get our act together or if you really only want one that's made in the barn by the man who makes your Hot Salt.

Discouragingly expensive on purpose.

Once we find a good partner, they'll be more reasonably priced.

I know that's kind of aggressive but we have to do it that way because for the time being, they are made to order, with the graphics applied by Alex (for now). That's the same guy who makes the Hot Salt and fills the orders. He wrecks at least one shirt in the press for every good one that comes out.

Including a T-shirt with your order will not only set you back way more than a T-shirt typically costs but it will delay your order by a day or two if we're busy.  That's the whole disclaimer.


* Sizes S-XL are Next Level, XXL is Gildan 


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