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Hotter Stuff Brick - Adjustable Hot Salt grinder

Hotter Stuff Brick - Adjustable Hot Salt grinder

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Hotter Stuff- Hot Salt - 180G
(6.35oz) Limited to 50 units per batch  Ultra small batch, coarse sea salt infused with the same Three Kings blend of Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper pepper at a SIGNIFICANTLY higher concentration. It is HOT.

Surprisingly, the heat onset is slower but it builds to a heavier more intense and permeating heat level. If you like it hot this is the ultimate seasoning. Just like all Firecracker Farm Hot Salts, the flavor is incredible and it makes everything taste much, much better better.

Our Hot Salt grinder is substantial and has a premium feel. Made of glass and laser etched, stainless steel we call it the Brick. It's packaged in a beautiful gift box with magnetic closure that will stand out on any table, kitchen, or bar.  

The adjustable Brick Grinder has a small dial that allows very precise adjustment of the coarseness of the salt grind, from powdery-fine up to substantial chunks allowing for the desired texture and coverage. It's ideal for people that love to cook/grill mix cocktails.

The coarse sea salts we use are natural unprocessed sea-salts made by solar evaporation of brine and are not iodized.  They are refined by washing with clean saturated salt brine to remove surface impurities, drained of excess moisture, dried, and screened to size.

Flavor notes: Savory, moderate heat that builds as each of the Three Kings (Ghost, Reaper, and Scorpion) peppers traverse the palette. Enjoy!  

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Our Three Kings Hot Salt enhances flavors and delights the palette with mouthwatering, savory heat that builds without overpowering. Hot salt will elevate your recipes, and enjoyment to new highs. It's #ffaddictive.