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Push Grinder 17g Snake Eater Hot Salt
+ 25g pouch of coarse 
Snake Eater Hot Salt

This is a limited batch.
First come, first serve.

This is a special Buddy Batch of Hot Salt, made for a most excellent man.

A carefully selected blend of crushed Scorpion, Reaper and Ghost peppers with a hint of Tennessee Bourbon and bitters made their way into the crucible.

The flavor that ensued may be the best Hot Salt we’ve ever tasted.

Coated crystals that burn with aromatic notes of tobacco and the mellow, sweet bite of an old fashioned.

ūüĒ• It tastes like Heaven on Fire

I’m calling it SNAKE EATER (AKA Justin’s Blend) for the man that inspired it.
All the badass people in the know that have tasted it agree that it's the best blend we've ever made. 

We only made a small amount for this go around.  It takes time to infuse and age so if you want it, make your move.

The nitty gritty:

Packaged in the The Firecracker Farm Pusher, a laser-etched, stainless steel, push grinder with a 25g pouch of coarse Snake Eater Hot Salt to refill or party with. Just don't get it on your naughty bits. Grinder contains approx. 

17g (0.6oz) of Three Kings Hot Salt. Expect about 515 pushes of spicy, savory delight from a full push grinder.  Easily refilled with salt from the pouch when you finally run out.  

One push delivers a burst of savory heat and exotic interest whenever you need one.

The coarse sea salts we use are natural unprocessed sea-salts made by solar evaporation of brine and are not iodized.  They are refined by washing with clean saturated salt brine to remove surface impurities, drained of excess moisture, dried, and screened to size.

One more time: How many pushes? About 515.

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Our Three Kings Hot Salt enhances flavors and delights the palette with mouthwatering, savory heat that builds without overpowering. Hot salt will elevate your recipes, and enjoyment to new highs. It's #ffaddictive.